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For more information, please visit the IEEE Membership page.
Upgrade IEEE Membership to Senior Member

To Nominate a Colleague: To help you nominate a Communications Society colleague for Senior Member status, please download the following three Word documents: SM Nomination LetterSM Application Form, and SM Reference Form. Rename these documents in your computer. Complete the shaded areas in the Nomination Letter and e-mail the completed Nomination Letter and the Application and Reference Forms to the nominee.
Refer the nominee to the IEEE WWW site for Senior Member elevation. Remind the nominee to include IEEE Communications Society as the Nominating Society on the form:
To Apply for Senior Member Status:To apply for Senior Member status requires ten years of professional practice including five years of significant achievement, the completion of the applications form and three references or the same experience criteria as noted above, nomination, the completion of the application form and two references. Download: SM Nomination LetterSM Application Form, and SM Reference Form. A Guide to Applying for IEEE Senior Member Grade and additional information appears on the Application Form. For the online SM Application see: