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Activities for the year 2022

Srijan 3.0

SRIJAN is a unique initiative by The Entrepreneurship Cell, NIT Silchar, to motivate and educate people about entrepreneurship and to provide a meeting ground for Corporate experts and young entrepreneurs E Summit NIT Silchar.

Activities for the year 2020

IEEE COMSOC, Short term course & VDL

Activity Date: 7th – 11th November, 2020

A one-week short term CEP course on “Futuristic Wireless Communication and IoT-5G and Beyond” was organized by NIT Rourkela, technical co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter between 7th to 11th November 2020. 5G is the next generation wireless communication and network that enables innovation and supports progressive change across all verticals of industries and society at large. The forecast for future 10 years’ traffic demand illustrates an increase in 1000 scales and more than 100 billion connections of Internet of Things. This foists a big challenge for future mobile communication technology beyond year 2020. 5G & beyond have the potential to enable fundamentally new applications, industries, and business models and dramatically improve quality of life around the world via unprecedented use of high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency, and massive connectivity for new applications such as eHealth, intelligent transportation, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart homes, Industrial IoT, smart grid, terahertz communication etc. With growing IoT needs, networking should be ubiquitous, energy and spectrum efficient, ensure the quality of service (QoS) and adequately secured. Further, the congregation of 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0.


Prof ItiSaha Mishra, the immediate past chair of IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter delivered her lecture on day 4 on “Cognitive Radio and 5G communication”. Dr. Ashutosh Datta and Prof. Sudip Misra delivered the Distinguished Lecture Tour program ( virtual) on behalf of IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter. 

VDL name: Professor Ashutosh Dutta (Johns Hopkins University) USA

Topic: Security in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks-Opportunities and Challenges

Date: 7thNov, 2020

Prof. Ashutosh Dutta is Fellow IEEE, IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer, Founding Co-Chair for IEEE 5G Initiative, USA, Johns Hopkins University, USA. Prof. Dutta spoke about from wireless evolution upto 5G and then describing the key feature of 5G, highlighting 5G security taxonomy, some use cases and then explaining the current industry standards activities going on, including testbed experimentations. Finally, he spoke about the IEEE initiative taken for Future Networks. There were about 60 participants including IEEE members. Prof SusmitaDas ([email protected]) was the host of the event.

VDL name: Professor Sudip Misra(Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

Topic: UAV Networks: Architectures, Opportunities, Challenges, and Future

Date: 8thNov, 2020

Prof. Sudip Misra is the Humboldt Fellow (Germany), INAE Fellow (India), NASI Fellow (India), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.Prof. Sudip Misra delivered on basics of UAV, various types depending on usages, UAV features elaborating topology, deployment scenarios, adaptive routing, coverage areas and reconfigurability. He then spoke about the challenges related to UAV such as Fast changing topology, Frequent change in relative position, Malfunctioning UAVs, Finding suitable routing algorithm, Weather conditions, Stability, Link failure, power consumption, environmental condition etc. Finally, he pointed out some advantages of UAV such as easy deployment, survivability, reliability and reconfigurability. Prof Susmita Das ([email protected]) was the host of the event.

IEEE COMSOC Student Orientation Program on Smart Grid

Activity Date: 14th Oct,  2020

Mr. PallabGanguly, Chairman, IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter gave a captivating lecture to the students on Smart Grid in 14th October, 2020. The topic was “Challenges of the Existing Security Measures Deployed in the Smart Grid Framework”. Mr Ganguly mentioned the challenges as well as the possible solutions and how Smart Grid sits at the intersection of Energy, IT & Telecommunication Technologies. Mr Ganguly talked about the security challenges in the smart grid, possible attack variants, operational challenges, the architecture of advanced metering techniques, global security standards and path forward. The IEEE Student Members along with the students participated and it was a very interesting interactive session. Around 60 Students including student members attended the program.

IEEE International Conference for Convergence in Engineering (ICCE 2020).Industry panel discussion

Activity Date: 5th – 6th September 2020

IEEE COMSOC Kolkata Chapter was the Technical sponsor for the industry panel session in the 1st International Conference for Convergence in Engineering (ICCE 2020). This was organized by Netaji Subhash Engineering College. ICCE 2020 aims to bring together leading academicians, scientists, and researchers and Industry experts from around the world to exchange and share their research experiences, to provide a premier interdisciplinary forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners. The conference consisted of invited lectures by experts from academia & industry, tutorials, interactive sessions for high-quality contributory papers through oral and poster presentations.

The Secretary, IEEE COMSOC Kolkata Chapter Mr. Subhamoy Chakraborti moderated the industry panel session. The topic of the session was “In this global pandemic situation of Covid-19, AI &ML: Miracle or Menace”. The panellists included Mr. Sanjay Kumar Das (Joint Secretary, Ministry of IT & Electronics, Govt of West Bengal), Mr.Sanjay Prasad (CIO, CESC Ltd), Mr.Partha Sengupta (Sr. Vice President- ITC Infotech), Mr. Sourav Das (CIO, Essel Mining & Industries, Aditya Birla group), and Mrs. Soma Ghosh (Senior Security Analyst, CERNER Corporations). The discussion centred around the Application of AI /ML in the respective industries, implementation case studies from the panellists, change in AI/ML space since March as experienced by the panellists and the pitfalls/security concerns around this technology which may turn the benefits into a menace. Mr.PallabGanguly, the Chairman, IEEE COMSOC Kolkata Chapter, was the session chair.


IEEE COMSOC Industry Panel discussion on BCP

Activity Date: 5th – 6th September 2020

A panel discussion was organized on “Importance of a secure business continuity plan (BCP) in the organization during Covid-19 and need to build Business resilience” on 13thMay, 2020. This session was organized by Techplus Media and the CXOTV.news channel supported by IEEE COMSOC, Kokata Section. PallabGanguly, The Chairman, IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section participated in this panel discussion along with other IT leaders from the industry. They deliberated on the need of Business Continuity Plan in view of the pandemic and the security considerations.



IEEE Tech X Congress

Activity Date: 5th – Feb – 1st March, 2020

The IEEE TechX Congress (www.ieee-techx.com), hosted by NIT , DGP alongwith IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section and joint student branch initiative namely Jadavpur University SB, NIT Durgapur SB and IIT Kharagpur SB envisioned to create awareness about the technological advancement in the world along with creating a technological and cultural exchange of ideologies. The event was attended by 130+ students along with industry professionals. The 3 day congress included multiple track and was held near the sea beach of Mandarmani, West Bengal. The initiative was technically supported by IEEE ComSoc, Kolkata Chapter. Mr Subhamoy Chakraborti, Secretary, IEEE ComSoc, Kolkata Chapter was present on Day 2 and delivered a lecture to the students on how students, academicians and industry are closely working together towards building an ecosystem of innovation as per IEEE ComSoc mandate. Mr Chakraborti was also present in the 5G & IOT workshop being held by Mr Subodh Gajare, Sr Solution Architect, Cisco, and helped the team in deciding the winner amongst the student groups.



IEEE National Conference: CALCON 2020

Activity Date: 5th – February 28th to 29th Feb, 2020

IEEE Kolkata Section’s flagship conference CALCON -2020 was held during 28-29 Feb, 2020 at Hotel Senses, Salt Lake, Sector -V, Kolkata -91.The conference was chaired by Prof ItiSahaMisra, the immediate past Chair of IEEE ComSoc, Kolkata Chapter. The industry chair was Mr PallabGanguly, Chairman, IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter. The inaugural session was held on 28 th Feb at 9.30 am A very vibrant student panel discussions in IEEE CALCON-2020 was arranged by IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter. Also a Industry Panel discussion involving speakers from Ericsson, Govt of West Bengal, Checkpoint, NTT Group, Palo Alto etc. Many IEEE Members, researchers, Industry delegates and Students were present.

Industry Panel



Students panel



Activity Date: 21st February, 2020

Prof. Neelesh B. Mehata of IISC Bangalore has delivered a Distinguished Lecture in the Department of ETCE, Jadavpur University Kolkata on 21 Feb from 12.00 -1.30 pm. He delivered on the topic of The Different Role of Energy-Efficiency in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks. The targeted audience was the UG ETCE and PG ETCE along with PhD Scholars.Prof. Mehta also visited the Broadband Wireless Communication Lab of ETCE Department under Prof. ItiSahaMisra.

The participants for DLP, Room No-T-3-7
Prof. ItiSahaMisra introducing the Speaker
Prof. Neelesh B. Mehta delivering his lecture

IEEE COMSOC International Summit on 5G

Activity Date: 8th – 9th  February 2020

The “International Summit on 5G & Beyond for Rural Upliftment” was organized jointly by IIT-ISM Dhanbad and GISFI Standardisation Series on 8-9 Feb 2020. Prof. ItiSahaMisra was an invited keynote speaker on behalf of IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) Kolkata Chapter to deliver Keynote speeches on the topic “Is 5G Ready for India? Seeking some Prospective Applications”. It was a very nice gathering of technologist from India and Abroad. Academicians from IITS and other places joined the program. More than 250 participants were there.

Inaugural Session of the 5G Summit on 8th Feb 2020, IIT-ISM Conference Hall
Prof. ItiSahaMisra Delivering on the topic “Is 5G Ready for India? Some Application Prospective, the audience in the seminar hall (250).

IEEE COMSOC, Industry/Academia Panel discussion“Entrepreneurship & Skill development opportunities”

Activity Date: 8th February, 2020 

The session on “Entrepreneurship & Skill development opportunities”was co-sponsored by Sister Nivedita University and IEEE COMOSC, Kolkata Section and was held on 8th Feb,2020 between 4 – 6 pm. Mr.PallabGanguly, The Chairman, IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section participated in this session as an esteemed panellist. Other participants included Dr Atanu Raha (Director, SNU) and Mr Sanjay Ghosh (MD, SIMOCO). The session was moderated by Moupia Nandi from the news channel Zee 24 Ghanta.

The program was attended by many Industry delegates, IEEE members and students. The program focussed on the Entrepreneurship and skill development opportunities for fresh Engineers in today’s digital world. Around 50 students attended the program.


IEEE COMSOC, National Conference on Emerging Trends in Sustainable Engineering and Application

Activity Date: 7th – 8th February, 2020

On Feb 7-8, 2020 the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Sustainable Engineering and Application was held with the technical sponsorship of IEEE ComSoc organized by B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur. Prof. ItiSahaMisra, the immediate past Chair of IEEE ComSoc, Kolkata Chapter has delivered an invited keynote on the very relevant engineering topic of sustainable engineering application. She spoke on the topic of IoT based Heart Sound Detection and Analysis for awareness generation on post inaugural session, 7 Feb 2020.More than 150 participants were present in the session.


Inaugural Session at the top on 7 Feb 2020, below Prof. ItiSahaMisra (leftmost sitting) in the auditorium with other speakers from IIEST, Shibpur, Prof. Jaya Sil and Prof. Sipra Das Bit.

Hult Prize Campus Program organised by Netaji Subhas Engineering College in collaboration with IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section

Activity Date: 25th January, 2020

The Hult Prize is the leader in creating and launching disruptive companies in the impact sector amongst youth worldwide. They have created sectors, built momentum, and most importantly – unlocked infinite possibilities for the world’s next generation of entrepreneurs. The Hult Prize is considered the “Nobel Prize for Students.”

PallabGanguly, The Chairman, IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section was invited by the NSEC Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) to act as a jury in the Netaji Subhash Engineering College On Campus Program Selection Committee of the Hult Prize 2020 on 25th Jan, 2020. This program was technically sponsored by IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Section in order to promote student orientation.

The role as a judge was to watch, score and rank teams to determine which idea start-up enterprise has developed the most compelling solution and will earn a spot at one of the 25+ Regional Finals taking place all over the world, and the chance to pitch for the grand prize of $1 million USD at the United Nations HQ.